The Reno City Council is about to approve an agreement that would allow a developer to erect a tacky, fake neon archway sign. Hovering over West Fourth Street, the sign would destroy a scenic mountain view of the Sierras, promoting casinos over natural beauty.

Take action now. Send a letter to council members and let them know how you feel about the proposed Neon Line archway sign. Click Here. 

The Neon Line Development Agreement, which includes archway sign approval, will be scheduled for a final vote on Oct. 27 during the council’s regular meeting, according to the city. If approved, this sign will become a permanent fixture on West Fourth Street. 

Including the archway sign in the Development Agreement circumvents city regulations that would otherwise apply. The proposed sign serves as a marketing tool for the developer’s so-called Neon Line District, which includes the Gold Dust West and Sands casino properties. As proposed, the sign would be erected in a mixed use zone and would stand 27 feet tall and span 102 feet over our public roadway. Mixed use zones limit signs to eight feet tall with certain exceptions. And this sign doesn’t qualify for an exception. The north pylon is anchored in a right of way, which would, save for the Development Agreement, also violate city codes. 

Simply click this link to send an email to the city council and city manager, urging them to protect Reno’s iconic scenic mountain views.