What: Reno City Council Meeting, Agenda Item E.2
Where: Online Meeting at www.Reno.gov
When: Starting at 10 a.m. Wednesday, June 10

The Reno City Council is about to eliminate a committee that was intended to review proposed skyways — pedestrian bridges above public streets — because the review may delay a proposed skyway project on the University of Nevada campus.

Proposed UNR Skyway

The text amendment, on the June 10 city council agenda, would eliminate the Design Review Committee (DRC) from the city’s skyway regulations. The committee would be composed of a panel of experts that includes landscape and building architects as well as planning commission and community members. The Reno Planning Commission is opposed to the text amendment and last month recommended denial.

 Scenic Nevada is also opposed to changing code to eliminate the DRC especially because UNR hopes to build a skyway that would connect a proposed parking garage across 9th Street to an end point at the front of Morrill Hall, the 138-year-old building listed on the National Register of Historic places. 

We think a project that would impact a historic building deserves the oversight of a panel of experts. We also think it is bad public policy and bad planning to change code on the back of one project. The code change means the UNR project and all future skyway projects would be approved without benefit of expert guidance from the DRC.

We think the DRC is essential to ensuring that any skyway throughout the city is appropriately sited and designed while still being respectful of balancing the community’s needs, historical preservation and aesthetic requirements. For more information see noted local historian Alicia Barber’s website. Join the discussion. You can participate in the meeting without having to be physically present by: