Judge Rules Against Scenic Nevada

Scenic Nevada’s lawsuit to force the removal of a 60-foot tall billboard in scenic south Reno was dismissed on a procedural issue, leaving unanswered for now the question of whether the giant sign was erected in violation of city codes as we believe it was. Scenic Nevada is considering an appeal.

We filed our lawsuit against the city of Reno and Lamar Advertising in Second Judicial District Court last July to have Lamar’s billboard removed because it’s located on property where we think new billboards are prohibited.

The billboard, erected last April, is the maximum 672 square feet on either side, faces Interstate 580 and is situated between the mall and Mt. Rose Highway in a scenic area where apartments are under construction. See photo below.

The city, joined by Lamar, filed a motion to dismiss our case for failure to exhaust administrative remedies. Oral arguments were held last Thursday, January 16, with the judge ruling from the bench that he could not get past the procedural issue.

Because this matter is still under dispute and Scenic Nevada’s lawyer is considering our options, we can’t go into great detail at this time. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.