Stop the Neon Line Arch Sign

The Reno City Council is about to approve an agreement that would allow a developer to erect a tacky, fake neon archway sign. Hovering over West Fourth Street, the sign would destroy a scenic mountain view of the Sierras, promoting casinos over natural beauty.

Dark Skies Designations

Among the many bills passing through the state legislature this session is one that recognizes the importance of dark skies. Senate Bill 52, if passed, establishes a program for awarding a dark-skies designation to worthy places in Nevada. See the bill. SB52, sponsored by Lt. Governor Kate Marshall, is meant to educate, and inform the […]

Reno Posts Its State Law Violation

Complying with mandatory instructions from the Nevada Attorney General’s Office, next week’s agenda includes an item noting the Reno City Council’s Open Meeting violation committed last July during a public hearing on a code change benefiting the University of Nevada. What: Reno Council Meeting, Agenda Item D.1 Where: Teleconference Meeting at When: Starting at […]

Investigation Shows City Violated Open Meeting Law

In a ruling released December 11, 2020 the state Attorney General’s office found the Reno City Council in violation of the state’s Open Meeting Law, following an investigation into a complaint filed by Scenic Nevada after a board member witnessed the council shut out the community from live public comment but allowed a university official […]

Public Process Trampled

In a 4-3 vote July 22, the Reno City Council agreed to a code change benefiting the university during an online public hearing that shut out the public but allowed a campus official to speak. We’ve asked the city council to repeat the public hearing and vote teleconferenced live to allow for live public comment. […]

Slim Majority Approves Skyway

Despite a pending Open Meeting Law complaint and community opposition, the Reno City Council August 12 approved – by a slim majority – the university’s skyway project and the code change that made it possible for officials to skip a professional design review. Council gave final approval to a code change exempting the University of […]

Billboard Lawsuit Dismissed

Judge Rules Against Scenic Nevada Scenic Nevada’s lawsuit to force the removal of a 60-foot tall billboard in scenic south Reno was dismissed on a procedural issue, leaving unanswered for now the question of whether the giant sign was erected in violation of city codes as we believe it was. Scenic Nevada is considering an […]

Reno Council Approves Limits on Some Digital Signs

Looking at protecting Mt. Rose Highway, the Reno City Council unanimously agreed to a new narrowly targeted regulation to allow only gas station prices to be displayed digitally in areas where digital signs have been prohibited historically as long as the signs change or flip only once an hour. Scenic Nevada supported the text amendment […]