A community’s history, culture, geography and scenic qualities often form the backbone of civic pride. More and more, however, our communities and major highways look exactly the same, and billboards are one of the major culprits.

Key Issues

icon_1 Control billboard blight:
 Work to control the height, size and placement of traditional and digital billboards to reduce visual impact.


icon_2Protect and support scenic byways:
Advocate for setback requirements and landscaping, participate in litter control program and cultivate residents’
interest in scenic byways.


icon_3Promote sound wall alternatives:
Promote aesthetic alternatives to concrete barriers along interstates.


icon_4Sustain open space and greenway plans:
Help develop plans to preserve wetlands and wilderness corridors and provide space for outdoor recreation. 


icon_5Minimize the impact of cell towers:
Push for incentives and controls that encourage wireless providers to co-locate and/or camouflage towers.