Scenic Nevada is entering its 16th year, and as an all-volunteer organization, we couldn’t do it without our members and supporters, whose financial contributions make possible our work to preserve, protect and enhance the scenic character of Nevada.

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Challenges to scenic protections continue to mount. As the need arises, board members stand up in workshops and in courtrooms, at public meetings and in legislative sessions. We partner with community organizations and leverage email campaigns and newsletters to keep policymakers, media outlets and residents apprised of important preservation issues. The highlights include:

  • Winning the support of the Washoe County Commission to continue the prohibition of new and digital billboards. A persuasive email campaign from Scenic Nevada, along with the commitment of members and supporters like you, demonstrated the public support for scenic preservation. Unfortunately, the commission switched directions in 2015 and now is on the verge of allowing both traditional and digital billboards. But more meetings and discussions are planned and we will be at the table voicing your concerns on sign blight.
  • Pursuing a lawsuit against the city of Reno to void a new ordinance allowing digital billboards. We filed an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, following a ruling in Second Judicial District Court that upheld the city’s digital billboard ordinance. Oral arguments were held November 3, 2015 before the Supreme Court. A decision could be announced within a few months.
  • Diligently opposing state legislation that opens the door to digital billboards on federally controlled highways, such as interstates 80 and 580. Unfortunately, the proposal advanced by billboard company lobbyists was enacted, and digital billboards are now defined in state law. But Scenic Nevada will be present at future public hearings to continue to fight proliferation of digital billboards.
  • Added to the community dialogue for thoughtful environmental protections along the Southeast Connector. Proposed for the east side of the Truckee Meadows, the six-lane road would traverse a floodplain and impact wildlife, open space and wetlands. Scenic Nevada filed a public comment with the Army Corps of Engineers, requesting an Environmental Impact Statement be conducted to help assure adequate environmental protections are in place, if a permit for the road is approved.
  • Participating in stakeholder meetings held by Sparks, Reno and Washoe County to update their respective sign codes. Scenic Nevada is at the table advocating for strong sign control to prevent clutter and the inevitable blight and “geography of nowhere” that comes with too many, too bright out-of-controls signs.
  • Taking on a project to educate public officials, business leaders and residents on the benefits of a scenic community. The effort, funded through a generous contribution from the John Ben Snow Memorial Trust, will outline the economic impacts and the improved quality of life for us all.

With your donation, we can continue our advocacy work and educational efforts to protect this beautiful state of ours from senseless assaults on scenic views and community character. Please mail in your tax-deductible donation, or click here to donate now.

Thank you from the Scenic Nevada board of directors.