Reno Commission To Review Giant Sign

  SouthTowne Crossing is back on the Reno City Planning Commission’s agenda Wednesday to get approvals for a giant sign with freeway visibility near the[…]

County Preserves Billboard Ban

  Final Approval for Billboard Ban Expected April 12. Big, big thanks to Washoe County Commissioners for their vote March 22 that continues the billboard[…]

County To Vote on Billboard Ban

  The Washoe County Board of Commissioners will take another look Tuesday, March 22 at the draft sign code which now includes a prohibition on[…]

  For those of you who think digital billboards are a driver distraction, you are probably right. Scenic America recently released a compendium of traffic[…]

Community Loses First Round

  The battle to reclaim our commercial neighborhoods from sliding further into the honky-tonk abyss Reno is headed for was lost last week, but the[…]

More Digital Signs for Reno

  In a surprise move the city council recently agreed to dump all of the proposed community-driven digital sign regulations in favor of new ones[…]

  If you think digital signs are too bright at night, they most likely are. Scenic Nevada recently commissioned a sign brightness study by traffic[…]

Scenic Nevada Opinion

  A Kabuki Dance “It refers to an event that is designed to create the appearance of conflict or of an uncertain outcome, when in[…]

Reno Postpones Review of Giant Sign Proposal

  The Reno City Council postponed the public hearing on SouthTowne Crossing’s giant sign proposal to Nov. 4. The shopping center’s representative couldn’t make the[…]

More Digitals on the Horizon in Reno

  So the good news: November 4, in a 5-2 vote, the Reno City Council denied the permits for a giant sign proposed by the[…]