In advance of the June 2014 primary elections, Scenic Nevada offered candidates in major Reno races an opportunity to voice their opinions about scenic beauty, billboard blight and sign control laws. We invite our members and others interested in preserving, protecting and enhancing Nevada’s scenic beauty to review the candidates’ answers before casting votes.
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Of those mayoral, council and city attorney candidates who responded, all agreed that scenic beauty is good for business, and most agreed that Reno has too many billboards.
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Overall, the candidates responded to statements that reflect the views of Scenic Nevada. (Of the 31 candidates, 15 responded.) See which candidates agreed with each statement.

14 agree The digital billboard ordinance adopted, but not implemented, by the previous city council should be reconsidered by the new city council, following the November election.
15 agree Strong sign control laws to protect scenic beauty and community character will lead to a more visibly pleasing and, therefore, economically successful community.
10 agree R1, the 2000 ballot initiative, approved by more than 32,000 people, was a vote to ban new billboard construction and new billboard permits in Reno.
7 agree Digital billboards are new construction, requiring new permits, and shouldn’t be allowed in Reno.
8 agree Billboards, both traditional and digital, are a public nuisance and an eye sore that lead to clutter and blight.
11 agree Reno has too many billboards.
15 agree Scenic beauty is good for business.

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