Scenic Nevada sued the city of Reno in 2012 following the city council vote to approve digital billboards, despite a vote of the people in 2000 that prohibits new billboard construction and new permits. We asked the court to void the ordinance because it violates the voters’ rights and state and federal law.

The Fight Against Billboards
We said when it comes to billboards the city keeps moving in the wrong direction, moving farther away from the people’s vote. Read more
It started with a grassroots, volunteer organization working to enact stronger billboard controls and has made its way up to the Nevada Supreme Court. Read more
After a one-day trial in Washoe District Court on Feb. 24, the judge released a decision March 27 to uphold the digital billboard ordinance. Scenic Nevada filed a Notice of Appeal, which was accepted by the Nevada Supreme Court on March 28. Read more
Scenic Nevada filed a lawsuit against the City of Reno in 2012, and the legal battle continues. Read more

Scenic Nevada maintained throughout trial and the previous four years of public hearings that allowing digital billboards violates the people’s vote because digital billboards are new construction, requiring new permits.

Billboards obstruct scenic views, encourage blight, and clutter neighborhoods. A far more intrusive version than traditional billboards, digital signs flip brightly lit rotating advertisements every eight seconds night and day. Digital billboards distract drivers, use far too much energy and interfere with dark night skies.